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Andrew Moore Landscape Architecture specializes in the design and installation of residential landscapes. Browse through the PHOTOS on our Services page to see examples of landscaping we have done in central Kentucky. The scale of these projects ranges from small residences to large estates and horse farms.

After working with the client to produce a landscape plan that is functional, attractive and affordable, installers are selected from a group of highly qualified contractors to implement the various parts of the design. Besides landscape contractors, the various trades involved may also include irrigation contractors, arborists, earthmovers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, stone masons, cement finishers, brick masons and painters. All of the contractors used to install the plan are accustomed to working with homeowners and take great pride in their work. The various tradespeople involved also work well with each other and function as a team whose goal is to create only the very best finished product.

What We Do

Andrew Moore Landscape Architecture may either work alone or in collaboration with architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, and surveyors. If the project involves the construction of new buildings, the best site arrangement of the structures is first determined. Structures may include not only the residence, but also any outbuildings that may be needed such as storage buildings, pool houses, guest quarters, and garden sheds. The positions of the structures are based in part on the opportunities and constraints provided by the existing topography and vegetation of the site. Climatic conditions are also considered in the final placement of structures and plantings so that both the outdoor and indoor living spaces can take full advantage of shade in the summer and sunlight in the winter. In planting designs native plant materials are preferred and specified when practical.

Drives and walks are laid out so that access to the property and circulation through it is functional and feels natural. Finished grades are set to maximize usable space and to ensure that water is properly drained away from structures and off the site. Where feasible, rain gardens and water collectors are used to help reduce site runoff and to utilize rainwater for irrigation. Retaining walls and subsurface drainage systems may sometimes be used to accomplish this.

Plantings are designed not only to enhance the architectural features and to create shade, but also to create stimulating or calming spaces. Other landscape features such as patios, decks, arbors, pools , fountains, walls and fences are incorporated as appropriate.

Browse through photos on our Services page to see samples of our work.